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Fresh Healthcare is the leader in Natural Healthcare supplements in the USA.  Founded by Dr Wleed Haq,  Fresh Healthcare focuses on bringing you the finest natural supplements and superfoods from around the world to supercharge your health and wellness.  Our complete supplement range is Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans.

Dr. Wleed Haq is a Dental Surgeon by profession who trained in the famous Harley Street district in London in the field of Dental Implantology.  It was whilst he was working in the rural mountainous area of Powys in mid-Wales where he began to see the benefits of an organic diet in his patients who tended to live longer and enjoy better physical and mental health compared to his patients who lived and worked in the cities. 

This led him to research superfoods and their amazing health benefits which ultimately led to setting up Fresh Healthcare and the range of organic supplements it offers today including TRUCURC.  So that he could share the benefits of this new healthy way of living with as many people as possible. Dr. Haq founded the website Fresh Body Mind which provides free healthy lifestyle hacks, free video recipes and exclusive discounts on superfoods and organic supplements.

Dr Wleed Haq found that the spice, Turmeric had incredible health benefits with over 3000 peer reviewed scientific articles looking at it's role in treating or preventing various diseases*. However, he found many Turmeric Curcumin supplements on the market contained only a minimal amount of Curcumin which is the most active component in Turmeric and on which most of the research studies are based. They also tended to contain artificial fillers, binders, animal products and did not have true organic certification.  He therefore began the project to formulate TRUCURC, the most potent organic certified Turmeric Curcumin supplement on the market that would be suitable for both vegans & vegetarians.  He states:

 “We wanted to produce the most potent organic turmeric curcumin supplement available that produces the greatest health benefits for our customers in a daily dose.  We believe in the power of nature in healing and now the medical community is starting to wake up to the health benefits of turmeric.”

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Fresh Healthcare supplements are the finest quality and are produced in carefully selected FDA approved and GMP Certified facilities in the USA.  At Fresh Healthcare, we believe in giving back and donate at least 5% of our profits to our Charity of Choice, Medical Relief International to help provide essential healthcare, accommodation & medicine to some of worlds most under served people.  When you buy from Fresh Healthcare you're not only benefiting your health but you're also helping make the world a better place!

At Fresh Healthcare, we value our customers and your feedback. Should you have any queries or suggestions please feel free to contact us at office@fresh-healthcare.com

Yours sincerely,

Dr Wleed Haq


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